Bono sings the praises of Bush 43, capitalism

In a speech at Georgetown University, the U2 lead singer stated that "entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid."  He also praised George W. Bush for his efforts to help those with HIV/AIDS in Africa.  No joke; watch the video for yourself!  If capitalism could save Africa, what about in the US?  Our economy is not in great shape.  Obama seems to love celebrity, so perhaps he would listen to Mr. Bono.  But then the question is whether Obama would or could do what it takes to rekindle the entrepreneurial spirit in the US.  Is the Fed keeping GM afloat despite their failure to make a product people want to buy helpful?  Or placing a large tax burden on business owners and others who are in a position to create an innovative product - does that aid capitalism?

Bono praises ‘incredible’ George W. Bush and ‘entrepreneurial capitalism’

By Nicholas Ballasy of The Daily Caller

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U2 lead singer Bono praised former President George W. Bush for creating the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and said former President Bill Clinton is “more of a rock star” than himself.

He also stressed the benefits of capitalism in his remarks delivered at Georgetown University.

“If George Bush was here — I know his daughter Barbara is here — I would get Matt Damon to kiss him on the lips and I would give him a more sort of Irish macho handshake kind of a thing,” Bono said at the event hosted by the Georgetown McDonough Global Social Enterprise Initiative, in partnership with Bank of America.

“It’s incredible, it’s incredible what George Bush’s — President Bush’s — name is in the history books. His name is in the front foreword of a book that’s written on the end of AIDS.”


Full Text and Video via The Daily Caller

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